Attention! for the first time in the CIS, the service of registering a social profile as an object of intellectual property has become available!

✔️How to apply for intellectual rights to your profile in social networks (Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Vkontakte, etc.)?

✔️How to stop slander and plagiarism in social networks?

✔️How to capitalize the costs invested in the development of your social profile (account)

1. The essence of the service

Registration of intellectual property rights on a profile (account) in social networks - Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Vkontakte, etc.

Development of a set of measures to protect a corporate or personal account (profile) in social networks.

Social account The network is divided into several IP objects, each of which is protected separately.

For a corporate profile, you can also protect the system of passwords for access in trade secret mode

2. Business goals and benefits

1. Profile protection in social. networks from interception by unscrupulous persons (including competitors)

2. Protection profile in the social. networks from blocking

3. Assessment of the cost of the profile in the social. networks for business purposes:

- profile sale

- attracting an investor

- other goals

4. Raising the status of the copyright holder profile

5. Obtaining other benefits as an object of intellectual property:

- Royalty payments under license agreements;

- collateral for obtaining financing;

- increase in the authorized capital;

- capitalization of costs;

- other benefits

The Client has 2 options for action in case of violation of his rights:

Option 1:


The client can independently take measures to protect his rights:

1. Collect evidence base violation:

1) Make a screen-shot of the screen of the account-intruder

2) Find out who owns the site (if possible)

2. Write a complaint to the administration of social services. network, with the application of screenshots of the intruder and copyright certificates

Option 2:


If the Client does not have enough information or competencies, then he can turn to experts, in particular Aston Alliance: