Summit and press conference in the Republic of Uzbekistan

In the capital of Uzbekistan, Tashkent, on 3-4 May 2019, under the auspices of the International Association for the Development of Intellectual Property (MARIS), a series of meetings and a press conference on intellectual property issues were held. Today, more than ever, there is the question of capitalizing intangible assets and attracting additional investments into the economy of Eurasian countries with their help. The non-profit organization International Association for the Development of Intellectual Property (MARIS Association), headed by EOEC Emergency Commissar for Intellectual Property, Dr. S.F. Muminov and the Republican Center for Qualification Improvement under the Ministry of Economy and Industry of Uzbekistan (RCCP) under the guidance of the Director of the Center Dr. Khasanov R. .. R. A Memorandum of Cooperation was prepared, which provides for:

1.1. Active development and promotion of the innovative business area in Uzbekistan - monetization of intellectual property, working out mechanisms for capitalizing intangible assets of existing enterprises and promising business projects.

1.2. Formation of the necessary conditions for training and specialists in priority areas of the formation and capitalization of intangible assets.

1.3. Attraction of additional investments to Uzbekistan due to capitalization of intellectual property, increase in authorized funds of enterprises, involvement of intellectual property in financial and economic turnover.

1.4. Entrance to the international stock market of intellectual property products, the implementation of franchises and startups. 1.5. Formation of innovative environment, involvement of promising young scientists and capable youth in it, publication of the most modern books on leadership skills in the state language.

The areas of cooperation were also identified:

2.1. Launch of new training courses on the protection and monetization of intellectual property to improve the skills of accountants, auditors, appraisers, bank employees, lawyers, business consultants, insurers and specialists from other industries.

2.2. Dissemination of scientific and technological knowledge on the compilation and management of registers of intellectual property, capitalization and monetization of intangible assets. 2.3. Attracting talented young people in the intellectual and technological sphere.

2.4. Creation of personnel reserve in the main directions of economic development of the country.

2.5. Development of intellectual property market infrastructure.

2.6. Development of a joint network of expert communities in priority areas of cooperation.

2.7. Introduction of commercial and other structures of Uzbekistan to international technologies of registration and monetization of intellectual property, including by organizing foreign internships for specialists from Uzbekistan in the regional offices of the MARIS Association in Kazakhstan, Russia, Europe, South Korea and the United Arab Emirates.

A press conference was held for representatives of the media, with the participation of leading magazines and newspapers of the Republic of Uzbekistan. The Special Representative of the EOE Secretary General intellectual property Zheng V.A