Chinese-Russian Summit "The Great Tea Road" in St. Petersburg

On March 21, 2019, under the auspices of the Eurasian Economic Cooperation Organization (EEU), another Chinese-Russian summit was held in St. Petersburg on the development of relations in the framework of the Great Tea Road, running through more than 100 cities of China, Mongolia and Russia.

The Summit was attended by:

Li Zhuovei - Representative of the Chinese Red Culture Research Association; Strategic Advisor to the China Organizing Committee of the Great Tea Road Belt;

Y. Hundeng - Dean of the Silk Road Research Institute, Chairman of the World Cultural Forum on the Silk Road, Secretary General of the Asian Economic Association and an expert on the economic analytical center of the Chinese-Russian Western Economic Corridor,

Liu Li - Chief Representative of the Chinese-Russian Association for Strategic Cooperation in China, Executive Vice-President of the China Committee for International Cooperation in the Field of Environmental Protection, Secretary General of the China Organizing Committee for the Cultural Zone of the Tea Road,

Pen Fang - Director of the Department of Foreign Cooperation, Health Consultant, LLC Cultural Development of the Great Tea Road and other officials,

V. Zheng - Special Representative of the Secretary General of EOE on Intellectual Property Issues.

A report on the increasing role of intangible assets in the relationship of subjects and objects in the project “One Belt, One Way” was made by the Special Representative of the Secretary General of EOEC on Intellectual Property, Dr. Sc. V. Chzhen.

In his speech, the Special Representative of the EOEC Secretary-General V. Chzhen noted that, relying on the rich traditions formed over the centuries, humanitarian cooperation between the countries participating in the Great Tea Road project, we can continue to progressively promote our business relations, make a useful contribution to the common efforts to build trust and understanding.

Of great interest was the presentation of the Executive Director of the International Association for the Development of Intellectual Property Berdnikov MS

Within the framework of discussion and discussions, the parties identified the most important areas of cooperation, especially in terms of the development of the International Intellectual Property Exchange.

The parties agreed to make concrete constructive proposals for the upcoming conference in April this year in China.

During the summit, the problems of promoting projects in the field of tourism, logistics, river transport, ecology, medicine and other areas of economic cooperation were discussed.

The Summit participants stressed the importance of enhancing the practical benefits of non-politicized cooperation within the framework of the Great Tea Road project, expanding humanitarian, trade, economic and business ties, and implementing relevant and unifying international projects.

The Summit participants confirmed the interest of the parties in further building up and improving the effectiveness of cooperation in order to achieve sustainable socio-economic development.

“UES considers interaction with the Great Tea Road project as one of the key tools for successful implementation of international business cooperation. The history of the Tea Road provides rich material for the development of cultural tourism and the creation of the world's largest transcontinental international tourist route. This idea forms the basis of the Tea Route development project for international tourism, ”said Vladimir Piskurev, Secretary General of EOEC.