International Association for the Development of Intellectual Property

The first professional association for certification of experts, strategic management and monetization of intellectual property (MARIS Association)


MARIS-PRO: Associate Member of MARIS

To obtain the status of Accredited Member, you must pass the certification of MARIS and provide information on qualifications and work experience. Status assigned by the MARIS Presidium

Intellect-Manager: Certified Intellect Manager

Getting the current modern profession Intellect Manager, an expert in management of intelligence. assets with practice

SIPRO: SIPRO Certified Expert

Expert to identify vulnerabilities and weaknesses that allow unscrupulous competitors to block / select a business through patent-authoring schemes and mechanisms

Intellect-Master: Certified Business Coach

Certification of coach confirms that he has a legally valid author's methodology (course) of training, registered as intellect. property, skills and experience


Currently, MARIS is developing the following standards

  • The procedure for admission to the membership of MARIS, suspension and expulsion from Active Membership.
  • The procedure for accreditation and assignment of the status of MARIS-PRO to Associate Members.
  • Regulations on Intellect-Manager: Certified Intellect Manager.
  • SIPRO Statement: Training and Certification
  • Intellect-Master Statement: Certified Business Coach.
  • Standard for the provision of the service "Registration of a trademark".
  • The standard of rendering the service "Registration of copyright object".
  • Standard for the provision of the service "Capitalization of intangible assets."
  • The standard of rendering the service "Monetization of intellectual property".
  • SIPRO-Improving Regulations.



MARIS conducts certification of specialists in the field of intellectual property and business education at the level of modern international standards

Seminars and training

MARIS experts are available as speakers for seminars, workshops, including webinars and online courses

IP-Test: diagnosis and risk analysis

Take an IP test and find out what the risks of losing your business are


Developing monetization strategies

MARIS specialists will prepare effective methods for you to get financial benefits


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