Mission of the MARIS Association

promote economic growth and innovative progress economies of Russia, other CIS countries and far abroad:


DEVELOPMENT OF THE MARKET INFRASTRUCTURE OF INTANGIBLE ASSETS Expanding opportunities for attracting investments and capital in the field of intellectual property (IP) by creating affordable, understandable and effective mechanisms for monetization, ratings and market trade of intangible assets, access of entrepreneurs to expert knowledge.


EMPLOYMENT IMPROVEMENT Creation of new jobs for the Intellect Manager, SIPRO-Adviser, SIPRO-Expert professions - specialists in management of intellectual assets, their protection and monetization. Training courses online and in the format of classical studies.


BUSINESS PROTECTION Training entrepreneurs in modern methods of legal protection of their business development from unfair competitors, as well as explaining strategies for monetization of IP.

Social projects

MARIS implements the following projects for students, businessmen and investors:

Cooperation with universities and institutes

We provide grants for student training, as well as gift certificates for free registration of intellectual propert

Support for foreign investors

Seminars for foreign investors on risks in the field of intellectual property, the current system of fines and sanctions in the field of tax. customs and antitrust laws

Master Classes for Industry Associations

Seminars for industries with a presentation of the use of intellectual property in order to protect business from plagiarism and to obtain additional financial benefits through capitalization and monetization of intangible assets



Country Coverage

MARIS members are present in 21 countries of the world


customers in portfolio

MARIS experts provided services to more than 10,000 customers worldwide


processes and ships

Our experts won more than 651 processes and courts (97%)

18 510

objects protected

More than 18,000 intellectual property items have been registered.

Interview of the Chairman of the Presidium of the Association of the MARIS Mr. Sandzhar Muminov on Russian radio Mediametrics

  • What is intellectual property in fact
  • Why businessmen do not know how to get money from IP and do not know how to set the right strategic goals
  • What are the first steps to take to protect the IP
  • Why patents are almost useless
  • Where can I get training on the subject of intellectual property and get almost the necessary knowledge
  • Why St. Petersburg was chosen for the headquarters of the MARIS Association
  • How the intellectual property exchange will work
  • How the Anti-raider system works
  • Why the owner cannot be 100% trusted by lawyers and accountants
  • Why the website is not intellectual property
  • What is a SMART component: on the example of a practical case with doors